Posted on: June 16, 2008 12:20 am

US Open: Tiger will not win

I don't think Tiger will win the US Open.  I had thought that all week.  Even after his 68 on Friday.  Even after his 65-foot eagle putt on the 13th on Saturday, and his eagle putt on the 18th on Saturday.  And still after his birdie putt on 18 on Sunday.

Tiger has been way too inconsistant.  He has just about as many birdies and eagles as bogeys and doubles.  He has hit more drives outside the ropes than on the fairway.  He has logged more miles on the course than a 777 does on a trans-Atlantic trip.  He is not 100%, not even 80% healthy.

I know he hasn't lost a major when he had the 54-hole lead.  I know he Tiger.  But I didn't think Tiger's knee could take 72 holes, and let's be honest, it hasn't.  It really can't take another 18 holes (or more) on Monday.  I know Tiger always has something special.  But I think Rocco has something special up his sleeve too. 

The US Open is my favorite golf tournament.  It's high scoring (see Winged Foot, Oakmont), seemingly impossible course set-up (see Winged Foot), and its ability to yield underdog champions (see Michael Campbell) all make for a great tournament.  I think another underdog is about to win with a high score (-1 is high for a PGA event). 

Of course I'd like to see Tiger win.  Tiger is a phenominal athlete.  But I also like the underdog, and I'd like to see Rocco win.  Rocco's attitude towards this championship, and life in general is to be admired.  It will be a great 18 holes on Monday.  I know I'll be watching.

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